Woman’s Cheap DIY Fire Pit Creates a Cozy Deck Space



Looking for a budget-friendly fire pit for your deck space? Look no further than this amazing DIY firepit inspiration that has been making waves on TikTok!

The best part is it also effectively keeps bugs away so you can relax with peace of mind. Get ready to achieve this genius DIY project!

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Step up Your Deck Game With This Woman’s DIY Fire Pit Guide

Here’s how she did it

Amanda went for a black planter which she got from Target. The black colored planter is perfect for a deck fire pit, giving off a sophisticated and sleek design. While logs are commonly used as a source of fire, our woman opted for Tiki Fuel instead.

The Tiki fuel is responsible for repelling bugs, ensuring a serene and comfortable outdoor relaxing atmosphere. You can utilize a canister to contain Tiki fuel. Amanda luckily discovered three canisters priced at only $1.50 from Walmart.

For the container’s interior design, you can add rocks and sand to create a solid foundation for your mini fire pit. When positioning the canisters within the planter, it is vital to provide support to keep them stable.

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