Woman Wows Internet with Budget-Friendly ($57) DIY Coffee Table – See How She Did It



There’s something exceptional about enjoying a cup of coffee early in the morning or even during those peaceful afternoons, and having a coffee table just enhances the whole experience.

@asperahj is a talented woman who has recently completed a mind-blowing DIY coffee table project that is not only stunning but also incredibly budget-friendly.

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The Journey to Crafting the Perfect DIY Coffee Table

Ajalin started her journey by purchasing a beautiful brown basket from Target for only $36.The design was absolutely aesthetic, but it had two handles on the sides that needed to be removed for the basket to stand independently. 

Next, she used the wooden top she got from Home Depot for just $16. But before installing it, she knew she had to do some preparation. Ajalin sanded down the wooden top to ensure a smooth surface.

To guarantee a flawless finish, she diligently wiped away any pesky dust or debris that could have compromised the final result.

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