Why Is My Pothos Not Growing? (8 Causes + Simple Solutions)



Pothos plants, otherwise known as ‘Devil’s Ivy,’ are known for their low requirements and forgivingness. 

You can place these beautiful vining plants anywhere in your home, and they will reward you with long, abundant vines and lush green leaves.

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8 Reasons for Pothos Not Growing

Too Little Light

Houseplants like Pothos require sunlight to photosynthesize. Through photosynthesis, plants create energy, which they need to be able to grow new, healthy leaves.



Just like plants need light, they also need ample amounts of water. Water is essential because it delivers nutrients from the soil into the plant, aids photosynthesis, and helps the plant sustain its stems, leaves, and roots.



When you are overwatering your Pothos, you are essentially drowning its roots. Due to the excess water in the soil, there is little airflow to reach the roots. The high water content in the soil causes the roots to suffocate.


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