Why Is My Pothos Droopy – 2 Common Drooping Causes & Fixes



The popular Pothos (Epipremnum aureum) is a vigorous plant with waxy, heart-shaped leaves and stems that cascade over a pot or climb up a moss pole with aerial roots.

But something has gone wrong when it loses vigor and droops with wilted, yellowing leaves that sometimes fall off. So you might ask yourself, “why is my pothos droopy?” What can you do to fix it?

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The Two Primary Causes of Droopy Pothos


Overwatering occurs when the soil is not allowed to dry out. It can happen when the pot doesn’t have a drainage hole, and the roots sit in water.


Underwatering occurs when the soil is allowed to dry out completely, the plant’s tissues lose their stiffness, and the stems and foliage wilt. In this case, the best thing to do is give the soil a good soaking.

5 Other Causes of Drooping Pothos

- Low Humidity - Direct Sun - Rootbound Pot - Recent Repotting - Pests

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