Verbena Hastata: Benefits, How to Plant, Grow & Care For Swamp Verbena



Swamp verbena (Verbena hastata) is a herbaceous perennial flowering plant from the Verbenaceae family native to areas in the Great Lakes region of North America, including parts of Canada and various states in the US.

This story will cover some of the health benefits, native habitats, wildlife, propagating, growing, and other useful tips about verbena hastata.

Uses, Benefits &  Facts

- Landscaping: Many people with invasive species such as purple loosestrife, foxglove, or European wand loosestrife should choose blue verbena as a substitute. - Wildlife: Many birds enjoy the swamp verbena seeds, such as field sparrow, song sparrow, slate-colored junco, and cardinal.

Climate, Hardiness & Growth

You will often find  swamp verbena in marshes, ponds, river-bottom prairies, disturbed sites, lakes, ditches, and the edges of creeks in moist soil. Although, it is possible to find in woodlands if there is a nearby water source.

Propagating & Planting Verneba Hastata

- Seed - Stem Cuttings - Division


- Controlling Spread - Pests - Overwintering

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