Uncovered: The Astonishing Home Features That Skyrocket Your Property Value & Trigger Lightning-Fast Sales!



In today’s ever-evolving real estate market, savvy homeowners are always on the lookout for unique features that can set their property apart from the competition.

According to new research from Zillow®, amenities  that offer a personalized touch and cater to the modern chef can lead to a faster sale and increased resale value.

The study found that doorbell cameras, soapstone countertops, and steam ovens helped sell homes up to five days faster and contributed to a sale premium of 5.3%.

Having customized and fun amenities like pizza ovens and putting greens increased the selling price by up to 3.7%. In contrast, homes featuring tile countertops and laminate were more common in those selling for less than expected.

According to the study, homeowners who incorporate personalized features may experience a longer waiting period to find the ideal buyer. However, the potential sale premium may be worth the wait.

Another interesting finding was the willingness of affluent buyers to pay a premium for fun features designed to impress. Post-pandemic buyers now expect their homes to double as a place to work and play, making outdoor entertainment areas and retreat spaces highly desirable. 

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