Types of Attic Insulation + 3 Ways to Avoid Danger & Damage



Attic insulation sits on the attic floor joists and the backside of the drywall ceiling. A properly insulated attic keeps your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

If you’re thinking  about upgrading your attic insulation, the materials  you install will significantly impact the project’s success. Read on to learn about the types of attic insulation best suited to make your home more energy-efficient.

Understanding R-Value

The type of attic insulation best-suited to your attic depends on a variety of factors: attic accessibility, durability requirements, desired eco-friendliness, and project budget. 

Determining Your Target R-Value

The amount of insulation your attic needs depends on the climate zone where your house is located.

Batt Insulation

- Fiberglass Batts - Cellulose Batts - Cotton Batts - Mineral Wool Batts

Loose-Fill Insulation

If your attic has limited headroom, many obstructions,  or irregular joist spacing,  loose-fill insulation will provide  a complete layer of insulation  free from gaps.

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