This Mom’s Sneaky Bathroom Note Will Have Your Kids Cleaning in No Time



A mom recently posted about having trouble getting her kids to clean the bathroom like they were supposed to. 

Many fellow users had little faith in the kids: “This will be consumed by bathroom mold before they find it”, “And then when they do, they’ll be in debt.”

Although, another user used a similar strategy and had success: “My little sister used to leave all her crap on the floor. I started chucking quarters in the mess and she started cleaning up. And yes, this was 1973 when you could buy something for a quarter.”

A user responds that it will work because the kids will fixate on what they lost out on and not procrastinate next time: “It’s a similar psychology to gambling.

If at one point during the night somebody gambling is up by 1000 bucks, but by the end of the night they’re only up by 100, they’ll fixate on the 900 bucks they “lost” and be all miserable about it even though they’ve still won 100 bucks. 

Others think the kids will catch on and this strategy will not  work long-term: “They’ll be annoyed but they’ll expect it  the next time, or the time after that. When OP doesn’t continue putting $ notes under rags, they’ll just flip/brush all rags to see if there’s even any notes underneath.”

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