This Fruit Has More Genes Than Humans: It’s Oddly True



What if we told you that the humble tomato fruit has more genes than humans? Yes, you read that right.

Tomatoes, those juicy, red orbs that grace our salads and sauces, have more genes than humans.

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Genetic Surprise: The Fruit That Has More Genes Than Humans

Humans, with all our complexity, have somewhere between 20,000 and 25,000 genes. Impressive, right? However, the tomato, a nightshade family member, boasts a staggering 31,760 genes.

The Dinosaur Connection

One emerging theory ties the tomato’s genetic complexity to the extinction of the dinosaurs. Around the time these giant creatures disappeared from Earth, the nightshade family, or Solanaceae, tripled its number of genes.

Some scientists believe the extra DNA helped tomatoes survive during a perilous time on the planet when it was likely still recovering from the aftereffects of a devastating asteroid.

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