Things to Consider When Buying a Houseplant: Guide + 14 Tips



You may have found the plant on your wish list, or maybe you’re buying your first houseplant. But, before pulling out your wallet. Spend some time with your new prospect.

Use the following houseplant buying guide to ensure you’re getting the highest-quality plant. Touch it. Turn the leaves over. Inspect the stem and roots. (Like checking under the hood when car shopping) Really get to know it.

Houseplant Buying Guide

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Choosing Houseplants to Buy

Choosing and  buying houseplants requires care for long-lasting displays.  Garden centers, nurseries, florists, and main-street shops sell houseplants. Regardless of the source, inspect the plant before buying it.

14 Houseplant Buying Tips

1. Buy from reputable sources.  2. Never buy a houseplant displayed outside a shop; in winter, they get chilled, and in summer, they get intense sunlight. 3. Avoid pest- and disease-infested plants.

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