The Ruth Stout Method: A ”No-Work” Organic Garden Technique

"Are you thinking of starting an organic vegetable garden that requires no fertilizers, no watering, and best of all, no digging and soil amendments?

Even for beginner gardeners, this is a fantastic way to grow your own food, using just one secret ingredient: lots and lots of hay mulch.

Let’s explore some essential info about the Ruth Stout Method 

What Is the Ruth Stout Method?

The Ruth Stout gardening method involves growing vegetables in a thick layer of hay mulch, creating a fertile substrate without digging. It's a form of permaculture similar to sheet or lasagna gardening.

Hay is the Magical Ingredient

Ruth Stout's hay gardening method requires less work, no plowing, watering, or weed control. The decomposing hay provides valuable nutrients to the vegetables.

Starting a Ruth Stout Garden

The Ruth Stout method involves perpetual mulching with hay, creating a no-work garden. While it may seem simple, there are important details to consider for success. Here are six steps to follow.

1. Understand Your  Garden Soil

Choose the right soil for a Ruth Stout garden. Till clay soil first, add hay. For sandy soil, add compost, leaf mold, then hay. Hay creates loose mulch, no tilling or digging next year.


The Ruth Stout Method: A ”No-Work” Technique for Starting an Organic Garden