The Rare Black Diamond Apple Variety: Care & Growing Guide



Most people think about apples as being red, though there are plenty of yellow and green varieties available. However, did you know there are also almost black apples?

Wait: Are They Real?

Yes, black diamond apples are real. They’re a distinct apple variety with its own color, texture, and taste. With such a deep purple that they essentially look black.

What Does a Black Diamond Apple Taste Like?

Every apple variety has its flavor, and the black diamond certainly has its own. The inside of these apples is bright white, and their taste is delightful. 

Grown in Tibet

There aren’t many places where this apple tree grows, though it has been cultivated by adventurous gardeners in other areas. It is primarily grown in an area of Tibet called Nyingchi. And even there, it isn’t grown very much.

Benefits of Black Diamond Apples

Many people have assumed that these apples are poisonous because of their covering. Often in nature, a plant that’s this color will be toxic and have this color as a warning. 

The Cost

If you want to buy a black diamond apple tree, it can be challenging to find, and they are difficult to grow. The easiest way to get started with a black diamond tree is to buy seeds to plant in your yard. They aren’t generally available from the major online retailers, but some specialty sites sell these seeds.

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