Strange Fruit – Unusual Ideas for Fruits That You Can Grow at Home



Today, in the 2020s, life is all about choice. Many, indeed most, of us have tasted fruits that past generations of Americans might not even have heard of.

Here, we will look at some unusual fruits that you can grow at home, wherever you live, if you put your mind to it – including a few that you won’t find in your local Stop n Shop or Walmart.

Bananas – The Tropical Elephants in the Room

Banana trees are not really trees, even though they can grow to 30 feet in height. They go through a growth cycle then die off and new ones grow in their place.

Durian – From the Sublime to the Ridiculous

The durian is approximately the same size and shape as a medium sized watermelon, but with a spiky-looking skin. It has a rich, creamy taste, but that only becomes apparent when it is extremely ripe.

Dragon Fruit Grows Fast and Looks Amazing

It is possible to grow dragon fruit from seeds, but it takes a lot of hard work and also patience – you’ll have to wait at least five years for the plant to start bearing fruit, and possibly much longer.

Mexican Bread or Swiss Cheese From a Delicious Monster

Officially known as monstera deliciosa, this “delicious monster” is more commonly known as the Swiss cheese plant, although you won’t see it growing in Switzerland and its fruit bears no resemblance to cheese.

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