Steps to Save Overwatered Pothos + Underwatered: Like a Pro



Potted plants, such as pothos (Epipremnum aureum), are more susceptible to overwatering than outdoor plants. Due to the water being constrained to a pot, unable to spread out like in nature. So, don’t feel bad if it happens.

Although, you’ll want to ensure your watering is appropriate. Overwatering or underwatering can cause issues such as root rot, dead leaves, etc. But fear not; we’ll show you how to water correctly and save overwatered pothos plants.

Watering Best Practices to Avoid  Overwatering

Pothos plants are tropical and require regular watering. The soil should be well-draining to help avoid overwatering. You can keep the soil moist but should ensure it isn’t soggy. These plants are susceptible to root rot if they are overwatered.

Will Your Pothos Plant Tell You?

An overwatered pothos will have several telltale signs of something wrong, including limp yellowing or browning leaves, brown spots or water blisters on the leaf’s foliage, soggy soil, and even fungal problems.

15 Signs of Overwatering Pothos

- Soggy Soil - Yellowing Leaves - Brown Leaves - Soft or “Limp” Leaves - Shriveled and Mushy Appearance - Curling Leaves - Water Blister - Brown Spots

7 Steps to Saving an Overwatered Pothos

The most effective next step is to replant it in new soil. This will enable your plant’s roots to air out and potentially revive your plant. Whether or not you can save your plant depends on how much of the root system has been impacted by root rot.

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