Sprouts vs. Microgreens / Baby Greens (Differences + Nutrition)



Over the past few years, microgreens have gained popularity as a hot new culinary trend. From New York to Los Angeles, chefs have been enjoying them as a way to creatively accentuate plates of food and add new depths of flavor to their dishes.

Many people do not  know the difference between sprouts vs. microgreens and baby greens- and which one they should choose. Let us look at each to provide a better understanding.

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Sprouts vs. Microgreens vs. Baby Greens (What’s the Difference?)

Baby greens, microgreens, and sprouts are all developmental stages of a plant. Each has distinguishing qualities and different nutritional benefits.

Instead of allowing the seeds to develop in a medium and get established as a plant, these seeds are grown in various types of containers and maintained moist and at room temperature until they germinate.

Sprouts are then eaten immediately after germination- They have grown in popularity because of their nutritional content. They are frequently somewhat opaque and have a crunchy feel.

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