She Flipped Free Facebook Marketplace Nightstands for $275



Are you a DIY enthusiast looking for ideas that not only satisfy your creative spirit but also provide some additional income?

Look no further than this woman’s viral TikTok, where she takes her free nightstands and turns them into a profitable masterpiece worth $275.

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How Free Nightstands Became a $275 Sensation

Hannah opted to wipe the nightstands with a soft cloth and scuff-sand their surface using 120-grit sandpaper to achieve a flawless outcome. Since the nightstands still had legs attached, she utilized an oscillating tool to remove them along with any existing hardware.

After removing the elements, it is common to have a rough and uneven surface, which necessitates the use of a wood filler to level out any imperfections and create a smooth base for painting.

Priming plays a key role in ensuring proper paint adherence and a long-lasting finish. Hannah went for her go-to product, the Zinsser primer, and smoothly applied it to the surfaces using a roller brush.

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