She Achieved Privacy & Banished Clutter: Here’s Her Secret



It can be quite unappealing and embarrassing to display your disorganized items and trash for everyone to see. But what if there was a brilliant solution to conceal all that clutter?

Meet @blesserhouse, a woman who discovered a clever trick for hiding clutter in her house.

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A Woman’s Trick to Privacy and Clutter-Free Living

She first tried using frozen window film, which she applied to one of her main doors. To ensure a perfect fit, Lauren made precise cuts in the film according to the glass size.

The installation involved applying a generous amount of water to the glass surface before carefully placing the film. She then smoothed out the film using a scraper, eliminating air bubbles.

The result was remarkable – the film obscured the view from the outside, giving the glass door a foggy appearance. This not only provided privacy but also created a soft, diffused lighting effect, reducing harsh shadows.

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