Roof Overhang Guide



A roof overhang is not just for looks. Properly designed overhangs will shade windows in the summer, allow the sun in during the winter, and keep the rain away from the building. 

A well-designed roof overhang will look inviting, protected, and secure.  That’s what houses are supposed to be.

What is a Roof Overhang

The term roof overhang is how far the roof’s edge extends over the home’s siding. The majority of homes have an overhang, but the length can vary dependent on the style of the roof, as some have more extended overhangs.

Different Types of Roof Overhangs

- Open Roof Eaves - Closed Roof Eaves - Boxed Roof Eaves

Why Overhangs on Roofs Are Important

- Doors and Windows - Protect the Siding - Divert Rain From Foundation - Limiting Splashback

British Columbia Study

– Orientation – Insulation type – Drainage plane type – Cladding type – Sheathing type – Overhang depth

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