Repotting Anthurium: Plant Care Guide ~ Tips + Dividing



Repotting, one of the plant care routines, is pivotal to the continuous blooming of your anthurium. While the plant grows relatively moderately, you might have to repot anthurium sometimes in its lifetime.

Are you new to repotting? Want to know the why, and how of repotting? These are probably some of the questions on your mind. No worries; we’ve answered all your questions here. Now, let’s explore the world of repotting anthurium.

Why Repot Anthurium?

- Growth - Soil Degradation - Pests and Diseases - Better Watering - Root Rot

When Is the Best Time for Anthurium Repotting?

Typically, anthuriums don’t grow fast when grown indoors, so you might not need to repot frequently. It’s recommended to repot once every two or three years. The best time to repot is early spring and summer during the growing season.

Why Repot Anthurium?

- Step 1: Water Your Anthurium - Step 2: Use the Best Pot - Step 3: Prepare the Right Potting Mix - Step 4: Uproot Plant From Its Old Pot - Step 5: Clean the Roots

Anthurium Plant Care Tips

- Place Anthurium in a Suitable Location - Maintain a Humid Environment - Repotting Leggy Anthurium: Take Cuttings - Adopt Light Watering

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