Pothos Temperature: Top 5 Signs Your Plant Is Too Hot or Too Cold



Pothos is a popular houseplant that produces heart-shaped leaves decorated with many variegations. Also known as Devil’s Ivy, the plant will grow prolifically indoors and outdoors. But only in the right conditions.

Temperature is one of  the most straightforward growing conditions to manage. Understanding ideal pothos temperature preferences will allow you to create an ideal  home for your houseplant.

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Top 5 Signs Your Pothos Is Too Hot or Too Cold

Black Leaves

We’ll start with an easy problem to diagnose. If the room that houses your pothos is very cold and the leaves on the pothos have turned black, it probably has frostbite.


Brown or Dried Leaf Tips

These tips indicate that the air lacks humidity. But this problem often results from temperature changes, specifically those brought on by heating and air conditioning systems.


Curling Leaves

Curling pothos leaves often indicate temperatures too high for your plant. The long edges of the leaves will curl toward each other. The leaves will look wilted and droopy.


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