Pothos N’Joy: The Houseplant That’s Both Gorgeous & Enjoyable



This plant is perfect for any home or office with its striking white and green variegated foliage. But beware, the N’Joy’s slow growth can test even the most patient plant parent.

However, its forgiving nature means you can forget to water it for a few days without fear of it  dying. Next, we’ll uncover its history, care requirements, and tips for encouraging faster growth.

Plant Discovery and 25 Years of Propagating

This unique plant was discovered by plant breeder Ashish Arvind Hansoti in a commercial greenhouse in Mumbai, India, in 2002.

How to Identify Pothos Njoy

In addition to its unique variegation, Pothos NJoy has some distinctive physical characteristics that set it apart from other pothos varieties. With its compact growth habit, the plant has shorter gaps between leaf nodes, giving it a bushier appearance.

Scientific Name

The scientific name for Pothos N’Joy is Epipremnum pinnatum var. NJOY. According to the patent, anyway.

Pothos N Joy Benefits: Does It Purify the Air? (What Science Says)

While it’s true that plants can purify the air by removing toxic chemicals, there may be better options than this one. The NASA Clean Air Study, conducted in 1989, omitted it since it was only patented in 2009.

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