Pothos Light Needs: What Your Plant Needs to Thrive*



Pothos plants are popular houseplants because of their easy care and adaptability. 

While they can adapt  to a range of lighting conditions, there are  some essential factors to consider when it comes to providing pothos with the right amount of light.

The Importance of Light for Pothos

Pothos are tropical plants native to the forests of Southeast Asia, where they receive dappled sunlight filtered through the canopy of taller trees. 

How Much Light Does a Pothos Need?

Pothos plants grow best in bright, indirect light. What does that mean? The perfect place for your plant is a window with bright light that doesn’t receive direct sunshine.

Direct vs. Indirect Light

- Direct Light: Direct light is sunlight that hits a plant directly and can be too harsh for many plants and cause damage to the leaves, discoloration, and stress to the plant.  - Indirect Light: Indirect light is sunlight that doesn’t hit the plant directly, often through a window or other covering.

Determine the Amount of Lighting That Your Pothos Is Receiving

For the best growth, look for an indoor area where your pothos will receive bright, indirect light of around 10,000-20,000 lux. You can measure the amount of lux in a room with a light meter, easily available as a separate device or as an app for your  cell phone.

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