Pothos Humidity Requirements: What % Level These Plants Need to Thrive



Are you a plant parent looking to add a touch of green to your home? If so, the pothos plant (Epipremnum aureum) is an excellent choice! But did you know humidity is critical in keeping your Pothos happy and thriving?

We’ll explore the ideal humidity levels for pothos plants, how humidity impacts their overall  health, and practical tips  on creating the perfect environment for your Pothos to thrive.

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Understanding Pothos Humidity Requirements

Do Pothos Like Humidity?

For pothos to thrive and achieve their full potential, they require a humid environment, with humidity levels ideally at or above 50%. 

But, Do Pothos Plants Need Humidity?

Pothos plants, like humans, also breathe through a process called transpiration. They absorb nutrients and water from the soil through their roots and transport them to their leaves and stems. 

Optimal Pothos Humidity Level

For Pothos, the ideal humidity range lies between 50 and 70%, whereas the temperature range sits at 65-85°F (18-30°C). Nevertheless, the humidity level in one’s home can fluctuate due to weather and heating, rendering frequent monitoring and adjustments vital in catering to the pothos’ needs.

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