Steps to Save Overwatered Pothos + Underwatered:  Like a Pro

Potted plants, such as pothos, are more susceptible to overwatering than outdoor plants. Due to the water being constrained.

Overwatering or underwatering can cause issues such as root rot, dead leaves, etc. But fear not; we'll show you how to water correctly and save overwatered pothos plants.

15 Signs of Overwatering Pothos  Plants

One common sign of overwatering your pothos is when the plant leaves turn yellow, especially the older leaves near the base of the plant.


If your pothos leaves are yellowing, you may also see brown spots on the leaves, which can occur on the same or new leaves.


If the roots of a plant are submerged in water, the oxygen supply is reduced, so the cells don't receive enough oxygen.

Root Rot

7 Steps to Saving An Overwatered Pothos

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You must figure out how bad the damage is by taking your plant out of its pot. This will let you see the plant's roots, determine if root rot has set in.

Inspect Roots

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