New Year, New Garden? Study Shows Lower Cancer Risk & Improve Mental Health



Are you feeling a bit sluggish and stressed out as we kick off the new year? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. 

Many of us make resolutions to eat better, exercise  more, and make new friends in order to improve our physical and mental well-being.

Showed Reduced Stress, Anxiety and Increased Health

In the first randomized controlled trial of its kind, scientists found that those who began gardening ate more fiber, got more exercise, and experienced significant reductions in stress and anxiety.

How the Study Was Completed

The study recruited 291 non-gardening adults from the Denver area, more than a third of whom were Hispanic and over half of whom came from low-income households.

The F-Word: Fiber

By fall, the gardening group was eating, on average, 1.4 grams more fiber per day than the control group – an increase of 7%. 

Mental Health  Benefits

Not only did gardening help with physical health, but it also helped with mental health as well. The individuals who took part in the research experienced a decrease in their stress and nervousness, particularly those who had the highest levels of tension and unease at the beginning of the study.

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