Neon Pothos Turning Green: How to Keep Your Plants Glow



Lemon-lime, highlighter-yellow, tennis-ball-green, chartreuse… No matter how you want to describe the color, there’s no denying that Neon pothos produces vibrant foliage.

But what if your plant begins to lose its namesake color? This guide will help you understand what causes Neon pothos turning green and how to fix this issue.

The Short Answer: Neon Pothos Leaves Turning Dark Green

When Neon Pothos leaves turn a darker green, it signals insufficient light exposure. For optimal chartreuse color, especially in new growth, provide ample light to prevent smaller, greener leaves and maintain vibrancy.

Why Neon Pothos Turns Green & Loses Color

When Neon Pothos leaves turn darker green, it indicates insufficient light exposure. To maintain the vibrant chartreuse color and prevent small leaves, provide ample indirect sunlight and avoid low-light conditions, ensuring your Neon Pothos stays bright and healthy.

Best Light Levels for Neon Pothos Leaves

For optimal Neon Pothos growth, consistently provide bright, indirect light throughout the year. Direct sunlight can damage the leaves, while insufficient light leads to pale green, smaller leaves. Proper lighting ensures healthy, vibrant foliage.

How To Find Bright Indirect Light

Hold your hand next to the plant during the brightest part of the day. Use a piece of white paper to catch the shadow of your hand. If the shadow is a fuzzy outline of your hand, you have successfully found bright indirect light. 

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