Mutant Manjula Pothos: The Mutated Pothos Everyone Is Buzzing About



In a recent video, a plant enthusiast shared their excitement about the mutant Manjula pothos. The enthusiast quickly pointed out that only four common pothos on the market:

However, the University of Florida has cultivated and hybridized various new strains, including Pearls and Jade, Global Green pothos, and the mutated Manjula.

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What Makes the Mutant Manjula Pothos Different

The mutant is a narrower form of Manjula and is incredibly beautiful, with leaves resembling the philodendron Gabby. The enthusiast shared that they had acquired three of these plants and urged viewers to grab them if they come across them, as they are charging a high price on the market.

The high price is because this pothos is incredibly difficult to grow and finicky. In addition, it is protected under copyright and patented, and the enthusiast shared that even propagating the plant is a challenge.

The enthusiast explained that the mutant Manjula pothos mutation was created through a hybridization process at the University of Florida. However,  it is believed that the plant escaped the lab and entered the market.

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