Monstera Burle Marx Flame: Plant Care Guide (Amazing Leaf Shape!)



If you’re looking for an incredibly unique and stunning plant that will make quite the impression in your home, let’s talk about the Monstera Burle Marx Flame.

This plant stands  out because of its artistically shaped leaves, but its tropical nature can be challenging to take care of. But, with the help of our care guide, you’ll be on your way to helping this botanical variety thrive under your own roof.

Lighting Needs

The lighting that your Monstera Burle needs is probably one of the more challenging aspects of care for this plant. It requires very bright and indirect sunlight to flourish.

Temperature Requirements

The most beneficial temperature range for your Monstera Burle Marx Flame is between 70 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Soil Considerations

The Monstera Burle Marx Flame is well known for its gorgeous, glossy leaves. These leaves can get as big as two feet long and one foot wide (20 feet high in the wild), but only if your plant lives in optimal soil conditions. 

How to Water Your Monstera Burle Marx Flame

Keep an eye on the top  two inches of soil inside your plant’s pot. If you notice that this space is dry, then it’s time to add some water. This plant is natively found in the tropical rainforest, allowing the soil to stay naturally moist. 

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