Money-Saving Secret to Bedding Your Chicken Coop for $0



Are you tired of spending money on bedding for your chicken coop? Prepare to be impressed because we have an incredible money-saving hack to share with you.

A woman on TikTok has discovered a cost-saving solution for chicken coop bedding. Instead of using traditional materials like wood shavings, hay, or straw, she suggests an alternative method to eliminate the expense.

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Say Goodbye to Bedding Expenses: The Secret to Free Chicken Coop Bedding

The Secret: Mail Paper and Household Waste

Our woman discovered the repurposing of mail paper, paper waste, cardboard, and food packaging as chicken coop bedding.

Effortless Shredding

To achieve the best results with this cost-saving technique, our diy aficionado opted for a shredder machine to save time and ensure the papers are cut into suitable sizes for chicken bedding.

Spread the Shredded Paper

After obtaining enough shredded paper, you can evenly distribute it in the chicken coop, creating a soft and absorbent bedding that ensures a comfortable environment for the chickens.

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