Marble Queen Pothos Takes the Crown: Plant Care Guide



When you’re shopping for houseplants, it can seem like there are as many varieties of pothos as pots to put them in. But among them all, the Marble Queen pothos takes the crown.

If you want to add this natural beauty to your living space, check out this Marble Queen pothos care guide.

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Care for Marble Queen Pothos


Marble Queen pothos prefers medium to bright indirect sunlight. Ideally, the plant should receive at least 3-5 hours of this quality light per day.


Marble Queen pothos appreciate consistent watering but are fairly drought-tolerant. The exact timing and amount of water will vary depending on light conditions, room temperature, and humidity levels.

Temperature and  Humidity

Marble Queen pothos will survive in temperatures as low as 55 F. To recreate tropical humidity, mist the plant with room-temperature water. Depending on the room’s preexisting moisture levels, you can spray the plant several times a day.

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