Low-Maintenance Foundation Plants (15 Ideas + Planting Plan)



Foundation plantings are considered the bedrock of every landscaped property, transforming the front yard and entryway into a dynamic garden space.

These plants will beautify, improve the landscape, and make your home more hospitable and inviting. They also create a warm, welcoming impression for visitors and complement home aesthetics.

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What Are Some Good Foundation Plants?


Belonging to the mint family, Catmint, also known as Nepeta, is perennial with aromatic grayish-green foliage and erect flower spikes in shades of pink, white and lavender-blue. 


Fine textured foliage, long-lasting bloom time, and good fall color are some reasons to grow Spirea. While Spirea thrives in USDA zones 4-8, many species do well in zones 3-9.


The evergreen shrub is coveted for its scent, which gives your home a refreshing smell. Its foliage color varies from light green to dark green, yellow, blue, and silver.

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