Is Pothos Safe for Reptiles? (Plant Toxicity Explained)



Pothos can give a natural look and exotic vibe to your terrarium, vivarium, or reptile enclosure. Most species tend to ignore this plant, but some, such as iguanas and bearded dragons, will give it the occasional bite.

If you’ve noticed this behavior, you’ve probably asked yourself: Is pothos safe for reptiles to eat? Or should I be worried?

Is Pothos Toxic for Reptiles?

Generally speaking, pothos plants are considered safe for pet reptiles. However, these plants can be mildly toxic to herbivore reptile species if eaten in large amounts.

What Happens If Your Pet Reptile Eats Pothos?

– Drooling – Scratching its mouth – Vomiting – Diarrhea – Lethargy – Dry heaving – Shallow breathing

Which Reptile Species Is Pothos Safe  for?

- Carnivorous Reptile Species: Completely Safe - Omnivorous Reptile Species: Safe, but Be Cautious

Herbivore Reptile Species: Safe, but Not Recommended

– Iguanas – Chuckwalla – Tortoises – Turtles or terrapins

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