Inflation and Interest Rates Are Rising, What’s Next for Housing Market Buyers?



Over the last few months, housing market investors and home buyers have faced historically high inflation, which has triggered the Fed to increase interest rates. 

Compounding the  housing market woes is  the economy which, like other major economies,  is nudging towards a recession.

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Expert Advice for First-Time Home Buyers and Homeowners

Focus on How Long You Plan to Own the  Home

Focus on your time horizon’s goals, not near-term storms. It’s also important to remember that the word mortgage translates to “until death.”


Buying a Primary Residence Is Not an Investment

Andrew said, “Buying or selling a primary home is rarely a financial decision. Your home is not an investment and should not be treated as such. 


House Hack for Financial  Independence

Max Marvelous, a financial blogger and money expert at Maxmymoney, says that the best way to deal with the uncertainty and economic risk of a mortgage is to get others to contribute to it.


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