How to Unclog a Shower Drain with a Simple Hack: Dish Soap, Baking Soda & Vinegar



Are you tired of dealing with a stubborn clog in your drain? Don’t worry because we’ve got your back!

Inspired by a viral video with over 4 million views, we’ll walk you through a simple, effective, and budget-friendly method to unclog your shower drain using ingredients you already have in your kitchen.

Boiling Water

Start by boiling a pot of Water on your stovetop. Remember, we want the water hot, but not boiling lava hot.


Dish Soap

Once your Water is nice and hot, grab your trusty dish soap. Pour about one cup of this magical grease fighter down the drain. This superhero soap will work wonders, helping break down the gunk causing the clog.


Baking Soda

Sprinkle approximately one cup of this white powder down the drain after the dish soap. Baking soda is like a gentle scrubber that will help dislodge and remove the clog, leaving your drain fresh and clean.



Slowly pour vinegar down the drain after the baking soda. The magical reaction between these two creates a science experiment in your pipes, helping to break down the clog further.


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