How To Make Your Pothos Climb: The Best Techniques Explained

Pothos is a natural-born climber. This vigorous vine will use its aerial roots to attach to pretty much any surface it comes into contact with.

But when growing indoors, you may find that, despite your best efforts, your plant will simply refuse to grow on its support.

8 Things To Know About How Pothos Plants Climb

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Pothos plants use adhesive aerial roots to grab onto any damp, porous, and textured surface.

Aerial Roots

Letting your hang will inevitably lead to smaller leaves, wider internodes, and bare stems after a few years, regardless of your growing conditions.

Best to Climb

Climbing also allows pothos to enter their mature stage. The plants you see in stores or nurseries are all in juvenile shape.


Pothos roots can either attach to a surface or grow into it.


Pothos will not climb on anything its roots can’t ‘stick’ to. This includes thin trellises, stakes, and string. Coir works great.


If you use small plants, you will have the most success teaching pothos to climb on a pole. If your pothos has long vines, trim them down to just 3 – 4 nodes.


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