How to Make Your Pothos Climb: The Best Techniques Explained



Pothos is a natural-born climber. This vigorous vine will use its aerial roots to attach to pretty much any surface it comes into contact with. 

But when growing indoors, you may find that, despite your best efforts, your plant will simply refuse to grow on its support.

8 Things to Know About How Pothos Plants Climb

1. Pothos plants use adhesive aerial roots to grab onto any damp, porous, and textured surface.  2. All pothos varieties need to climb. 3. Climbing also allows pothos to enter their mature stage.

How to Make Pothos Climb a Moss Pole

1. Take a roll of 0.5 inches (13mm) plastic-coated  wire mesh. 2. Cut the mesh into an  8-inch wide (20 cm)  piece using a wire cutter  or a sharp pair of pruning  shears. 3. Take some dry sphagnum moss and soak it in water for at  least 10 minutes, then squeeze out the excess moisture.

How to Train Pothos to Climb a Totem or Coco Coir Pole

1. Stick the coir pole deep into the pot, about 2 inches (5 cm) away from the base of the pothos stems. 2. Use a few paper clips or small garden staples to secure the vine to the pole.  3. Use a spray bottle to keep the surface of the pole moist.

Growing Pothos on a Stake or Trellis

Stakes and trellises are an easy way to make your pothos grow vertically. You can use any trellis you like depending on your design preferences. You can use metal, plastic, or even bamboo canes for the stakes.

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