How to Make Soil Acidic



Start with a baseline test using a digital soil pH meter like the one above, and then you can choose plants to fit that pH range or adjust the pH to what you want to plant. This story will be about how to make soil acidic.

You’ll want to make the  soil acidic if you have alkaline or neutral pH and desire to grow plants that need a more acidic pH (ericaceous).

Reasons You Might Want Soil More Acidic

- Acidic Soil Turns Pink Hydrangeas Blue - Wait, What About Ammonia Sulfate? - Another Option: Ferrous Sulfate - Grow Plants That Require Acidic Soil - Alkaline Soil Is Causing Plants Nutrient Deficiencies

Ways to Make Soil Acidic

- Add Compost - Add Leaf Compost - Add Elemental Sulfur - Add Pine Needles - Use an Acid Based  Compost Tea - Add Acid to Water With Lemons/Lime/Vinegar

Types of Plants That Grow in Alkaline Soil

- Alkaline Soil Trees - Alkaline Soil Shrubs - Alkaline Soil Vegetables - Alkaline Soil Herbs & Flowers

Plants That Thrive in Acidic Soil

- Acidic Soil Trees - Acidic Soil Shrubs - Acidic Soil Flowers

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