How to Keep a Pothos From Getting Leggy (4 Solutions Explained)



A leggy pothos is not just unaesthetic. Often, it’s also unhealthy, and more vulnerable to pests and diseases. 

Here are four essential care requirements that will prevent leggy pothos growth.

Give It Bright Indirect Light

The first step in how to keep a pothos from getting leggy is giving it bright indirect light. Admittedly, houseplant sellers list pothos as a low-light plant. 


Adjust Fertilizer Applications to Your Light Conditions

Insufficient light will affect not just how your pothos looks but how you should care for it to prevent leggy growth.


Avoid Hot Temperatures

High temperatures can also trigger an unnatural growth spurt in pothos plants. The ideal temperature range for pothos is between 70°F and 86°f (21°C to 30°C).


Grow Pothos on a Moss or Coir Pole

Pothos has a natural tendency to grow upwards. However, unlike other plants, which use tendrils to climb, pothos uses aerial roots.


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