How to Install Cement Board on a Floor for Tile



Learning how to install cement board on a floor properly is the best thing you can do for a solid, mold-resistant, crack-free tile floor that will last.

Budget at least a full day  for this job. Especially if it is your first time installing cement board, more extensive floors may need multiple days.

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5 Steps to Installing the Cement Board to the Floor

Fix Any Issues With Subfloor

If you want the most durable and long-lasting tile floor possible, make sure your subfloor is solid. Before installing 1/4″ or 1/2″ cement board, make sure the floor doesn’t make any sounds.


Sink Fasteners and Remove High Spots

Examine all the plywood seams using a straightedge by holding it perpendicularly to the seams. If there appears to be “teetering-tottering” over any joints, use a belt sander to sand down the ridge to make it level with the floor.


Lay Down Thin-Set Mortar and Cement Board

Thin-set is what will give your cement board an even, and void-free surface to lay on. Most people think it’s for bonding (which it does), but really the screws are what holds it down the most.


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