How to Grow Big Pothos Leaves (Complete Indoor Guide)



Pothos is a popular houseplant that produces a long vine of waxy green foliage. These large leaves provide your space with natural decoration and air filtration. Best of all, pothos plants are hard to kill.

If you want to know how  to grow big pothos leaves, keep reading. This story outlines eight steps to cultivate a plant that produces beautiful, robust foliage.

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How to Make Pothos Leaves Bigger

Select the Correct Variety

– Hawaiian Pothos: 6-24 inches – Golden Pothos: 6-24 inches – Marble Queen Pothos: 5-15 inches – Manjula Pothos: 6-12 inches – Neon Pothos: 6-12 inches – Baltic Blue Pothos: 6-12 inches


Re – Pot the Pothos

Garden centers put plants in small pots to contain growth. Leaving your pothos in this pot will stunt its growth and lead to potbound roots. To encourage growth, transplant the pothos into a bigger pot immediately after purchasing. 


Position Pothos in Appropriate Light

Exact light requirements will vary by pothos variety. But in general, choose a spot that offers 3-5 hours of bright indirect sunlight per day. The pothos plant is pretty tolerant when it comes to different light levels. If it receives adequate light, it will grow.


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