How This Woman Transformed Her Bathroom for Her In-Laws: Their Priceless Reaction Says It All



When your guests are coming over, you want to ensure the best for them, even if it means making changes to your home.

One woman took this opportunity to transform her bathroom before her in-laws’ visit. Get ready to witness this amazing transformation.

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For the floorings, she used her good condition leftover tiles, which is a cost-effective move. Once the floor is set, you can now install the walls. The 24×48 tile size selected by our woman resembles marble, giving the bathroom an elevated appearance.

To ensure a clean finish, make sure to cut the tiles to their proper lengths and incorporate tile edging along the sides to smooth out any rough edges that may occur during installation.

Installing baseboards after both walls and floor are done is important to hide any wall unevenness and protect the base from damage.

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