How Long Do Anthurium Plants Live? (Answered + Tips to Extend Life)



Brightly colored leaves, exotically shaped flowers, and low maintenance nature are some words that aptly describe anthuriums. The plant is highly coveted for its multiple uses, sophisticated look, and symbolic value.

We will go into more detail about the anthurium plant, the conditions influencing its growth and lifespan, and how you can make them live longer. Let’s dive in!

What Are Anthuriums?

Native to South America, Central America, and the Caribbean, Anthurium is a tropical plant featuring over 1,000 species. 

Types of Anthuriums

- Anthurium andraeanum - Anthurium scherzerianum - Anthurium superbum

What Influences the Lifespan of Anthurium Plants?

- Plant Location and Lighting - Environment and Climate - Quality of Care

How to Make Anthurium Plants Last Longer

- Nutritious Growing Media - Indirect Light - Consistent Watering - Climatic Conditions - Proper Maintenance

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