Have White Mold on Houseplant Soil? Here’s What It Is & Simple Solution



This mysterious substance has a simple cause and a simple solution. No, it’s not dust. And thankfully, it probably isn’t mold, either.

It’s mineral buildup. We’ll use the TikTok garden guru @tannertheplanter’s video as a visual as we break this down.

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Grab a jug of purified water when you notice a white, filmy material on the soil surface. Over the next couple of weeks, use this purified H20 to water the plant. Yep, it’s that simple.

Remember, you’re not increasing the amount of water the plant receives. You’re just substituting tap water for water without the minerals. Overwatering your plants, especially houseplants and potted plants, can lead to root rot and other complications.

If you notice a white fuzz on the outside of terracotta clay plant pots, that’s also mineral buildup. Removing mineral buildup from pots’ outsides is slightly more labor-intensive.

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