Glacier Pothos vs. Njoy: Tell Them Apart + Pro Care Tips



N’ Joy and Glacier are two of the highly variegated Pothos cultivars that look so similar to one another that it’s hard for many people to tell them apart.

We will detail the Glacier pothos vs. Njoy differences and help dispel any confusion.

A Little Background

Glacier is a relatively new variety that came on the scene in 2014 and was first sold by Costa Farms, but their website states that now they no longer sell the Glacier variety. N’ Joy, on the other hand, is a patented plant that was discovered in 2002 in a greenhouse near Mumbai, India. 


According to the Costa Farms website, Glacier’s foliage is described as green with white variegation that is accented  with silver and gray. 

N’ Joy

According to its patent, the leaves of Pothos N’ Joy are small (2” × 1.5”), broad, and oval or heart-shaped, with some tending toward a deltoid shape.

Care of Glacier and N’ Joy

- Light - Temperature - Soil - Water - Fertilizer - Pests and Fungal Disease - Pruning - Propagation - Toxicity

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