Gardener Shares ‘Non-fancy’ & Cheap Way to Germinate Seeds



Gardening enthusiasts often face the challenge of ensuring successful seed germination, especially when sowing directly into the ground. The odds of success significantly improve when certain seeds are started indoors in small containers.

This ingenious  solution shared by a gardener known as Grow with Jo, explore how this budget-friendly approach can help both novice and experienced growers achieve thriving seedlings.

The Budget-Friendly Gardening Tip That Goes Viral

The setup involves a boot tray strategically placed near a sunny window. Recycled yogurt cups serve as mini pots, with drainage holes carefully poked into the bottom.

The Power of  Controlled Environments

The rationale behind starting seeds indoors lies in controlling the growing environment. When seeds are planted outdoors, they are vulnerable to temperature fluctuations, rain-induced displacement, and wildlife interference.

Embracing Sustainability & Budget-Friendly Gardening

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned gardener, this technique allows you to grow your own food without relying on harmful chemicals and with minimal carbon pollution.

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