Christmas Cactus: 13 Top Growing Questions Answered (Size, Growth Rate/Cycle & More)



If you’re wondering about growing a Christmas cactus, this story is for you. We’ll cover all the top questions including how they grow, how big they get, the best-growing methods, and more.

Do Christmas Cactus Grow Wild?

Yes, Christmas cactus does grow in the wild. It is native to Brazil’s rain forests, where you can find holiday cacti (also known as Schlumbergera spp.).


What’s Christmas Cactus Ideal Growing Temperature?

The ideal temperature for Christmas cactus is 70℉ during the day and 60 to 65℉ during the evening. Pay close attention to sunlight- as the daytime sun can warm a room up very quickly if it gets lots of direct sun exposure.


Where Do Christmas Cactus Grow Best?

An east-facing room and window often are best for indirect light. Suppose you think of a rainforest in Brazil where it grows native. There is a lot of bright indirect light and humid air.


Are Christmas  Cactus Easy to  Grow?

Many people think Christmas cactus is hard to grow, but if you get the basics right, the correct amount of sun, soil, water, and temperature, then the Christmas cactus is a breeze to grow. 


What Is the Christmas Cactus Growth Cycle?

– December through April – Propagation – March through May – Potting – Early June – Pinch – August 15th – Stop fertilization; continue to water normally


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