Chicken Dust Bath: How-to Make One Quickly & Dirt Cheap



Backyard chickens can provide manure, control garden pests, and offer high-quality eggs. They do not require much care and happily graze around raised garden beds. However, they’ll love a bath to keep healthy and their feathers soft.

Read on to find out everything concerning chicken dust baths. Why chickens are fond of them and require them and how to create the perfect one  for your feathered companions.

What Is a Dust Bath?

Consider a bathing experience as a human bath; chickens require them to ensure their feathers are in good order. The sand or dust soaks up additional moisture and oils onto the skin.

How Do You Create a Dust Bath for Chickens

- Creating a Dust Bath in the Coop - Making a Dust Bath For Free-Range Chickens

Materials Required to Create the Perfect Chicken Dust Bath Recipe

- Diatomaceous Earth - Fire Ash - Fire Ash

How Deep Should a Chicken’s Dust Bath Be

A chicken’s dust bath must be  at least eight inches deep for  the full-size chickens and 6 inches for bantams. Chickens require space to move around; should you have a flock, it will need to be larger.

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