Blue Rose Meaning: Color + Symbolism Explained

Blue roses are rare and artificially produced. Little wonder, blue roses are prized and sought after today.

Blue rose is a genetically modified rose plant belonging to the Rosaceae family¹, containing blue to violet pigment. Unlike others, a blue rose is artificially produced through hybridization or dyeing. 

The Origin of Blue Roses

They were first discovered in the 12th century, Florigene², an Australian firm financially backed by Suntory, a Japanese beverage company, started blue rose research in 1990.


Blue Rose Symbolism

A blue rose is associated with thoughts and dreams. A light blue rose portrays feelings and sensitivity. Aqua blue rose denotes elegance and luxury


Blue Rose & Culture

The blue rose signifies wealth and royalty in some cultures because it’s a rare color. Also, it undergoes artificial procedures, making it quite expensive.

Blue Rose Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual meaning of blue roses is multi-layered and unique to each individual’s beliefs and experiences. Whether gifted or received, blue roses are a meaningful reminder of the beauty and mystery of the spiritual world.

Blue Rose Embodies Motherly Love and Care

A light blue rose represents a mother’s heart towards her child and conveys a tender-hearted mother who cares so much for her child. As a parent, seeing a blue rose in your dream may indicate that you’re not showing enough care to your kids.


Blue Rose Meaning: Color + Symbolism Explained