Best Paint Colors for Creativity: Experts Reveal Paint Codes



 From classic neutrals to bold blues and greens, we’ve rounded up the best and worst interior paint colors for creating an inspiring home workspace.

Learn which colors are most likely to spark creativity—and which could be holding you back.

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Best Paint Colors for Creativity

White for a Clean Slate

White paint colors are among the most popular choices for homeowners looking to brighten a space. According to a new survey, 63% of homeowners believe that the color white is mood-boosting.

Blue for Calm, Open Minds

According to the University of British Columbia, blues are ideal for creative work environments as they promote communication, trust, and efficiency. In addition, blue is naturally calming and helps open the mind to new ideas.

Yellow and Orange: Energizers

Yellow is a vibrant and uplifting color, often associated with creativity, optimism, and enthusiasm. Whether muted Maple Gold or a bright sunflower shade, it’s the perfect way to bring energy and cheer into any space.

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