Beets Companion Plants

Beets are a crop that indeed provides everything: both the leaves and the roots can be consumed!

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The bright red round roots are what most people are accustomed to seeing pickled in salads, but beet leaves are also delicious and nutrient-rich and can be prepared similarly to spinach. We’ll cover all of beets companion plants and how to avoid pests.

4 Best Beets Companion Plants

– Radish – Carrots – Onions – Lettuce Let'g go over some of the reasons why...

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Aphids, flea beetles, red spider mites, and cutworms are typical beet pests.  Radishes, onions, and carrots make excellent companion plants for controlling these pests.

In addition to growing well together with other root crops, beets also draw beneficial insects to your garden if you grow some of the carrots to flower. Now, here are three companion plants for beets to avoid...

1.) Chard Although chard won’t harm your beets directly, they are highly similar plants. As a result, the beets attract pests and diseases that will damage the chard. Combining these two plants may provide the perfect environment for problems.

2.) Field Mustard Avoid planting field mustard with beets because results are usually poor when grown together.

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